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Internet enabled CCTV

CCTV isn’t just about stopping crime.  It can also be used as a tool to make workplaces more fun and engaging especially when not everybody can be there.

Our Teletoddler service is such an example, where children’s development at day nurseries is improved by allowing parents to log remotely from work.  It’s particularly good for new parents who often feel terrible for having to leave their children in the care of others and are pleasantly surprised when they see their children being looked after so well.


Bee.Net can, of course, do normal CCTV installations too, including:

  • Internal cameras as ‘domes’ or ‘bullets’ (the former being more discrete)
  • HD cameras for the highest quality
  • Sound
  • External cameras (weather and vandal resistance)
  • Low light cameras (e.g. for use in sensory rooms)
  • Remote viewing, recording and apps for mobile devices

If you’d like to know more…

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